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 Saddle-Pal™ History:

Back in late summer of 2009 a local Ohio barrel racer was tired of dealing with not having his tack readily available when dealing with riding several horses and using several saddles. There were some issues he wanted to solve when exercising horses at home as well as dealing with the same issues when attending a show. The thought process was to design a saddle holder that offered the horse owner a convenient way to support their saddle along with the reins and bridle without having to carry around a heavy cumbersome traditional saddle rack. The traditional saddle rack takes up a bunch of valuable space when traveling. The decision was made in the beginning to manufacture the Saddle-Pal in the USA. We were fortunate to find a company in Fredericktown, Ohio called Country Manufacturing to take on the task of building the Saddle-Pal. This company has a 30 year history of building several high quality products for use around the farm and home.

Saddle-Pal™ Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Our Products


Q-Can I use my Saddle-Pal in my tack room or my horse trailer?

A- You can but the Saddle-Pal was designed for portable temporary use. We are not aware of the design and structure of every saddle so the saddle owner assumes all responsibility for any damage to their saddle if it is used long term for transport, or permanently.

Q- Can I use the Saddle-Pal for my treeless saddle?

A- The regular sized Saddle-Pal will fit a treeless saddle.

Q-Will the Saddle-Pal fit all stall fronts?

A-We looked at a wide variety of stalls and have made the Saddle-Pal adjustable to accommodate most stall fronts. The only ones we have not covered at this time are the canvas temporary stalls used at the bigger shows.

Q-Can I place 2 saddles on 1 Saddle-Pal?

A-This is not recommended because it could damage the first saddle.

Q- Can I or my child sit in my saddle while mounted in the Saddle-Pal?

A- Absolutely not.

Q-Do you have a Saddle-Pal for every saddle out there?

A- Our regular style will fit most saddles on the market. Please contact us by phone or e-mail if you have a specific fit need.

Q-How can I secure my Saddle-Pal at shows?

A-Using a standard bike lock run through the pommel including your pal and stall front and lock.


The following are some points comparing it to traditional saddle racks:

Traditional saddle racks typically employ an elongated rack or shelf that extends horizontally from a supportive structure such as a wall to which the holder is typically permanently mounted. During use the seat portion of a conventional saddle is placed on the rack with the stirrups hanging over the sides. A problem commonly associated with traditional saddle racks is they take up a lot of space. If you have a portable saddle rack they tend to be very heavy and cumbersome and are therefore difficult to transport. They are also a very inconvenient obstruction in the barn area. They can also be dangerous for horses or people in the barn isle if there is not a saddle on it.

Saddle-Pal™ is a partnership of Brad & Jenna Shirey of Rushville, Ohio and John & Patti Elliott of Broxton, Georgia.

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