The Saddle-Pal™ is designed for the horse event competitor and solves a unique problem for many people traveling to horse shows, competitions and events, where to store your saddle during these competitions? A well fitting saddle is worth it's weight in gold, so do you set the saddle on the floor, or on a haybale in an aisleway, or take it back to the trailer? The Saddle-Pal™ is an innovative solution to this problem. Simply hang the Saddle-Pal™ on any solid surface up to 2 inches wide and hang your saddle! Fence rails, stall walls, virtually any solid surface up to 2 inches thick that will hold the weight of a saddle, you can use the Saddle-Pal™!

Designed and Manufactured in Central Ohio by Horseowners



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 The Saddle Pal is a lightweight portable saddle holder designed to accommodate various types of western style saddles along with a bridle, reins, and brush bag. It is designed to hold a saddle using the horn, pommel (fork or swell), and gullet. It eliminates all the bulkiness of conventional saddle racks. What makes it unique is the fact it holds a saddle by the front instead of other conventional saddle rack patent designs. It is very small and is designed to mount on most any stall design or a structure.
   The Saddle Pal is adjustable from a 3/4 inch thick board up to a 2 inch wide metal cover over the wood on most all stall structures. We have found it to be most useful when traveling to horse shows and getting your horses out at home for exercise. In most horse disciplines, you rent a stall at a show or have stalls at home. You must carry your saddle and tack to the stall (barn area) in order to get your horse ready for competition or exercise. When you finish competing in a particular event or exercising at home, you have to store your saddle in the isle of the barn or transport it back to your trailer or the tack room. If you are visiting a weekend show, the Saddle Pal allows you to use a simple bicycle cable combination lock in order to secure your saddle at the stall. Another added bonus to the Saddle Pal is it allows the bottom of your saddle to dry out quicker from the sweat of your horse after exercise. We have seen most often saddles placed along the stall on the ground or on a bale of hay in between rounds of competition or exercise. The Saddle Pal eliminates this problem. We made a decision as a company to build the Saddle Pal in the USA. This is a very important issue to our families and our company.

The Saddle Pal is designed to be a temporary saddle holder. We do not recommend the Saddle Pal to be used for long term permanent storage or transport. We are unsure of the design and strength of every saddle manufacturer so long term potential damage is not known and has to be left up to the saddle owner how our product will be used.

  What makes the Saddle Pal different?
The Saddle Pal is safer to have hanging in the isle of the barn. It is small and was designed to not have sharp edges sticking out. The Saddle Pal does not stick out very far from the wall and there is little chance of a horse getting a hoof or leg tangled up in it.
· The Saddle Pal is designed to hold your saddle securely and safely.
· You can secure your saddle with a simple bicycle cable lock if you choose to leave it in the barn area for the duration of your daily activities.
· A more convenient, portable, and compact way to hold your saddle saving time and space.
· Saddle is supported by the pommel and horn vs. arm type saddle racks.
· Saddle Pal is small, light, and easy to carry.
· Saddle Pal is adjustable from a 3/4 inch thick board up to a 2 inch metal covered wood stall front.

Who can use the Saddle Pal?
The regular size Saddle Pal can be used with most western saddles and treeless saddles equipped with a horn.
· The Saddle Pal Trainer is an accessory that is adjustable and can be used to mount 2 Saddle Pals in one place.

 This short video shows how easy the Saddle Pal works!

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